Ground Penetrating Radar Signal Analysis Using Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform

  • 張 裕

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The lack of efficient management may potentially lead to the dangerous situation in which the underground pipes rebar etc are destroyed during engineering excavation We need to know the position of these things to prevent the risk of destroying structures and incurring additional cost Improving construction efficiency by applying different treatment methods to potential objects We can quickly and economically detect approximate locations of underground objects by using the ground penetrating radar The images can be displayed in real time After the on-site interpretation by professionals with relevant experience the stratigraphic picture of the area can be roughly depicted Furthermore other post-processing technology may enhance the signal characteristics In this study the test data by previous research are used as raw signal in applying the complex continuous wavelet transform The time domain and frequency domain were analyzed by translating at different scales The changes in dielectric constant can be highlight and then we can infer the approximate location of the structure in the ground The complex continuous wavelet transform not only can display the amplitude but also the phase angle changing with time and frequency The amplitude can highlight the shallow signal however the deep signal completely loses the signal characteristics without obvious oscillation The phase angle is expressed in phase angle form Unlike the amplitude the phase angle doesn’t attenuate rapidly These two completely different features can be compared with the radar image at the same time improving interpretation efficiency
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Huoo Ni (Supervisor)

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