High-Availability Cloud Services in a Secure Peer-Servicing Network

  • 張 峻榕

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Nowadays websites supply people with web service to express their own feelings and promote the relationship between themselves and their friends The web service includes showing people’s current status observing someone’s status and instant messaging online Before users use the web service they need to fill in their personal information for registration and this may cause user’s private information being stolen and sold by some unscrupulous traders Besides when users are using message exchange service provided by the website to communicate with their friends these message records may be spied by a person with some purposes or monitored by government because all the text is stored in center server insecurely Storing current status of users and message records in center serve will also trigger another problem; for example center server may be crashed due to some unknown factors which will cause the loss of user’s current status or messages and if all servers are crashed and the system is out of function the churn occurs The numbers of users’ current status and message data will increase over time and numbers of register; Information Technology has ushered in a new era called “Big Data” In Big Data there may be thousands of users which will generate millions of records and copy Petabytes or Exabyte of replicas in big data era This thesis proposes a system that uses RSA to encrypt users’ current status or messages and send to specific people This system enhances users’ privacy and security; moreover we build this system on P2P network in order to improve system availability and to avoid system crush caused by single user offline Eventually we use Gambler's Ruin to calculate the number of replica for each record to achieve data availability which is set by users Keywords: Web Service Big Data RSA P2P Gambler’s Ruin Data Availability
Date of Award2014 Aug 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Tzong Cheng (Supervisor)

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