Hot-Carrier Degradation of N-Type MOSFET under Various Bias Condition

  • 鄭 世安

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the thesis we mainly discuss the different stress bias condition and the hot carrier reliability induced by hot holes injection on the N-type conventional metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor The experiment will enhance the hot holes injection and produce the Auger effect by reducing its stress gate voltage and increase the substrate voltage…etc First the advantages of conventional LV MOSFET and the applications of them were illustrated And then we will describe the motivations of the study the study of the main degradation mechanism and the extension of the hot carrier reliability under different measured voltages In the thesis we will also introduce the theory of hot carrier effect equipment of measurement and technology computer aid design (TCAD) that the tools support our research After the introduction we will present the measurement setup and the basic characteristic results in our devices including ID-VD ID-VG linear region ID-VG saturation region and ISub-VG Unlike the previous literature the hot holes injection will happen at stress gate voltage close to the threshold voltage on conventional N-type LV MOSFET There is hot holes injection when we stress under maximum substrate current condition and the worst degradation not only happen at this condition but also lower gate stress gate voltage Therefore the main degradation mechanism and the damage area under the different bias conditions were analyzed by using the measurement data The computer-aided design simulation software (TCAD) was used to support our thesis at the same time
Date of Award2017 Jun 30
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJone-Fang Chen (Supervisor)

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