How Brand Design Concepts Affect Authenticity and Aesthetic Perception: The Strategic Branding Implications from 琉璃工房 (Liuli-Gong-Fang) and 法藍瓷 (Franz)

  • 王 俊憲

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Since the culturally-built products appeared on the market the lift quality has surprisingly been woken up and upgraded on people Many brands have continuously released their new products relative to cultural things on the market In the comprehensive cultural-product categories different cultural-product becomes acceptable for outsiders across the world This thesis defines two brand design concepts based on empirical observation of Taiwanese brands’ development track: category-based design (CBD) and ideology-based design (IBD) CBD refers to those companies evolving from OEM to ODM and finally developing their own design and branding capability in house and become OBD for example Franz 法藍瓷 IBD refers to those companies that rely on a cultural ideology to design their products and expand the brand from the beginning for example Liuli-Gong-Fang 琉璃工房 The main research motivation of this thesis is to investigate the two brand design concepts’ influence on aesthetics and authenticity perceptions This thesis shows that IBD is perceived to significantly having higher aesthetics value than CBD Furthermore for IBD concept products high cultural capital consumers are capable of observing significantly higher brand authenticity than low cultural capital consumers On other hand CBD concept products mainly rely on consumer-brand connection to influence authenticity perception; the higher consumer-brand connection the more brand authenticity perception This thesis also shows that aesthetics evaluation is a subjective evaluation Cultural capital and consumer-brand connection positively influence aesthetics perception independently However cultural capital and consumer-brand connection interactively influence brand authenticity evaluation This thesis investigates the above relationships through three experimental analyses
Date of Award2016 Jan 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJu-Faye Kao (Supervisor)

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