How Does Brand and Product Management Affect the Acquiring Firm’s Post-Acquisition Performance?

  • 李 以妶

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Despite the fact that there are more and more firms that adopt M&A strategy as the way to enhance profitability not all the M&A deals have a positive impact on the acquiring firm There are multiple reasons influencing acquiring firms’ post-acquisition performance This thesis revisits the topic of performance implication of acquisitions from the angle of brand and product management We compiled a sample of acquisition deals taking place in the U S and European Union countries during 2001 and 2010 We found that the existence of target firms’ brand name has a positive impact on acquiring firms’ post-acquisition performance However there is no significant relationship between the number of the target firm’s product lines new to the acquirer and post-acquisition performance Industry relatedness does not significantly affect acquiring firms’ post-acquisition performance either Our findings provide important implication to the literature and managers in the way that analyze the brand and product management issue from more comprehensive perspective
Date of Award2015 Feb 9
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChiung-Hui Tseng (Supervisor)

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