Hyperlink Design Involving Progress Bar for Web Interface

  • 蔡 明軒

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The main purpose of this study is to construct a non-click accessibility web page and analysis the impact of non-click accessibility web page I hope this study can resolved the problem of web accessibility problem by today then the corresponding solution proposed At last definition the principles not only to contribute the result to help users use the web page to get information more easily but also want to help people with disabilities visit the webs page fluently and to facilitate the lives of persons with disabilities This study is currently divided into three chapters the first chapter preface include: research background research motivation objectives methods and scope and limitations of the study in addition to explain the web page pervasive influence of life in Taiwan and the background of Taiwan Web Page Accessibility development and defines the of limitation of scope and use of methods The second chapter uses literature review progressive approach to explore the web page design web accessibility disability restrictions on using the web web accessibility evaluation tools usability engineering and research methods The third chapter is the research methods and tools in addition to clarify the research framework the main process assumptions mode of operation and analysis methods is described in this chapter The chapter four is research results and analysis The fifth chapter is to verify the progress hyperlink in addition to an invitation an upper limb disabled to task analysis but also invite a normal people to verify this general progress hyperlink Finally Chapter six is conclusions and recommendations
Date of Award2014 Jan 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)

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