Identifying the Significant Predictors of Good Death among Advanced Cancer Patients under Indonesian Culture

  • 林 韋汝

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Introduction: Achieving good death is the ultimate goal of palliative care A good death may also be influenced by personal values social context religions and cultural contexts Indonesia is the most populous Muslim-majority country and palliative care is still at the stage of infancy Therefore it is important to understand the components of good death among advanced cancer patients and identify its significant predictors to provide better palliative care for advanced cancer patients under Indonesian culture The Purpose of Study: The study aimed to identify the important components of good death and its significant predictors among advanced cancer patients in Central Java Indonesia Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted with convenience sampling in Central Java Indonesia The survey questionnaire included demographic data clinical information Components of Good Death questionnaire-Indonesian version Symptom Distress Scale the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy- Spiritual Well-Being (FACIT-Sp-12) - Indonesian version and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale – Indonesian version Data Analysis: Data were analyzed with SPSS software Descriptive statistics were used to present each variable Exploratory Factor Analysis with principal axis factoring and promax rotation was used to identify the domains of good death Pearson correlation was used to evaluate the relationship between variables Multiple Linear regression was applied to determine significance predictors in each domain of good death Result: A total of 363 patients with advanced cancer were recruited After factor analysis of the Components of Good Death questionnaire 52 items were kept and covered by 5 domains They were named as comfort support & faith dying with dignity life completion and death awareness & death preparation and explained 51 87% total variance The most important domain of good death is support & faith (M=6 28) whereas death awareness and death preparation (M=4 42) is the least important domain of good death Appetite fatigue and pain were three major distress symptoms among patients Faith was the significant predictors in all domain of good death Conclusion: The findings represent advanced cancer patients’ perspectives regarding good death under Indonesian culture and beliefs It can be used as a guidance to improve quality of care or end of life care for cancer patients The results also assist important for healthcare professionals to understand advanced cancer patients’ degrees of symptom distress the levels of anxiety and depression and states of spiritual well-being which will provide better care for advanced cancer patients Keywords: palliative care advanced cancer good death diseases awareness
Date of Award2017 Aug 16
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChi-Yin Kao (Supervisor)

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