iDuino A Web-Based HW/SW Reconfigurable Arduino Compatible System Environment

  • 李 品皜

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Arduino compatible development boards are widely used in recent maker movement People in little background in EECS can use them to develop their maker projects easily There are however lots of limitation in the I/Os of conventional off-the-shelf Arduino boards When users want have more selections of I/O interfaces they have to buy various boards for their need In this thesis a web-based HW/SW reconfigurable platform that is compatible to Arduino specification called iDuino is presented The proposed system allows flexible configuration of the I/O interfaces through a user friendly web application Together with an FPGA based board called URduino with up to 142 reconfigurable I/O pins one can easily eliminate to inconvenience without buying lots of Arduino boards One has the access to the iDuino system (site: www urduino com) to configure the desired circuit The backend service generates the correspondent Verilog file and sends it to its user so that one can download it to the URduino board The proposed system is divided into two parts: hardware and software The hardware FPGA development board is provided for a different configuration of the circuit file to download The circuit contains a 32-bit OpenRISC as the core processor as well as our design of peripheral circuits including GPIO Timer PWM UART and so on The software section includes a hardware configuration graphical interface online integrated development environment and the associated program interfaces for the target hardware circuit Users have to install our plug-in Since iDuino service platform is developed following the Arduino use experience it is easy to get start The GUI of iDuino service platform is also intuitive to use
Date of Award2017 Feb 14
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Yu Su (Supervisor)

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