Implementation of 3D Polaroid – an approach of instant 3D object reconstruction

  • 陳 奇鴻

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


3D printer which stacks an object in a 3-dimension form is hot recent years With the rapid development of the technique the reconstruction of an object’s 3D model be-come more and more delicate This work proposes an approach to realize a 3D Polaroid Let us build any objects in a 3D form at any place in any time In this way a joint of 3DP would become more attractive and interesting So far there are three approached to build object’s 3D model: 3D computer graphic tool 3D laser scanner and images’ reconstruction We can design any models provided we want via 3D computer graphic tool We can also get object’s model precisely by 3D computer graphic tool or we can get a precise object’s model through a 3D laser scanner However performing a 3D computer graphic tool usually requires a basic graphic draw-ing ability and a 3D laser scanner is too cumbersome to become portable To rebuild an object in a 3D form at any place in any time this work applies images reconstruction which is an intuitive and simple way In this paper the camera embedded on the smart phone is used as the input source Two pictures are requested to be captured in a narrow baseline along the object and the 6 reference points should be labeled before the reconstruction This work not only applies the well-established methods such as camera calibration image rectification and sum of absolute difference method we also improve the search range of point matching and matching cost function with adaptive window size and pivots referencing approach in all point matching This work improved about 5% 17% and 6% accuracy in block matching method adaptive window size method and pivot cost function method respectively Overall it improved about 15% accuracy for the final evaluation
Date of Award2016 Mar 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Yu Su (Supervisor)

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