Implementation of Hierarchical Formation Control for Multiple Mobile Robots Based on RFID Indoor Positioning Technology

  • 陳 振彬

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Since the wheeled robot is flexible and has high mobility it has been widely developed and studied in recent years Robot with indoor positioning and wireless communications technology in collaboration and control with multi-robot system is widely used in real life Additionally through the coordination between robots the information provided to each robot by sensors can be complemented more effectively among the robots The system will work more efficiently in more extensive space to implement the mission difficult to achieve with a single robot Based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology this thesis explores the mobile robot's positioning and navigation With the pre-set passive tags arranged in triangular structure in indoor environments the mobile robot is able to recognize the position and move autonomously The multiple mobile robot system built up in this thesis intends to implement that the specific hierarchical formation can be maintained moves towards the destination by avoiding the obstacles and get adapted to different environments by different formations Based on the algorithm of leader-follower robots are controlled to form a hierarchical formation and maintain the formation through the constraints on velocity and angular velocity of each robot Then building network structure by wireless communications technology between multiple mobile robots to communicate coordination and cooperation Finally we use MATLAB-Simulink to simulate the trajectory of formation control Hardware implementation and trajectories of multi-robot in indoor environment will be provided and discussed
Date of Award2015 Jul 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTeh-Lu Liao (Supervisor)

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