Implementation of Nanosecond Pulse Generator

  • 王 俊凱

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the development of electronics industry studying on high frequency regions is a trend Besides the shrunk volume of products the energy distributed in the spectrum is different from most products nowadays which won’t interfere with each other However high frequency circuit is difficult to implement because the components’ characteristics at low frequency aren’t the same at high frequency The components’ models become complex Measuring signals is another key point Choosing the wrong measuring instruments may cause the measured signals incorrect Therefore the approach and measurement of high frequency signals are complicated In this thesis the nanosecond pulse generator is proposed The pulse consists of low and high frequency components Due to the pulse width is only a few nanosecond it consists higher high frequency components How to choose appropriate components and measuring instruments are the main factors A nanosecond pulse generator which pulse width is 3 6 ns and peak voltage is 10 V is implemented In this thesis the components selection and notes on the measurement with the laboratory equipments will be discussed
Date of Award2017 Jul 24
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiann-Fuh Chen (Supervisor)

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