Information Objects:The Systematic Development Approach and Applications

  • 黃 育盛

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Nowadays many Web-based information systems have emerged on the Internet providing services for users to post and share their contents However most of the websites lack convenient tools in packaging the information content users are interested in They also do not address on the convenience in content portability or the extensibility of the information to be shared In addition most of the websites are close systems which use their own internal formats or structures Therefore the information contents on the websites could not be easily extracted and reused in somewhere else To download the contents from the Internet what we could do is save pieces of the whole content page by page Even when the contents are downloaded they often cannot be operated as they were on servers In the previous research an information object model was proposed to address such issues An information object is a single data unit that encapsulates the required data and methods The information object systems built using this approach featured portability and extensibility that are important for information reuse This research is continuously in improving the information object model In the progress of the developments some designs and even some codes are similar in developing various kinds of applications with the information object model Therefore a systematic approach is drew up to build an information object system The purpose of the approach is to help application designers in simplifying the development process of the information object system This thesis presents a systematical methodology and a core system uses for constructing an information object system The core system provides the required tools used by the developers in developing an information object application The key mechanisms behind the methodology included: (1) Designing the data schema (2) Designing the object tree and (3) Installing the required methods Using the three key mechanisms supported in the core system allowed application designers to systematically build an information object system in a relatively simple way This thesis explores the methodology and the mechanisms used This thesis also demonstrates how an application designer develop an application using the methodology
Date of Award2015 Jul 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHewijin-Christine Jiau (Supervisor)

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