Innovation Consumer and Social Characteristics on Trial Willingness of Use of Nano-foods: Product Uncertainty as the Moderator

  • 徐 銘澤

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Nanotechnology applications have been extended to medical and consumer food products and some nanotechnology products can even be obtained directly from marketplaces in developed countries Therefore the current study intends to take nano-foods as the research topic and to employ the Diffusion of innovation theory as the research basis by which to investigate consumer’s trial willingness to use nanotechnology products Innovation and consumer and social characteristics are employed as antecedents in order to examine if they will have any effect on perceived trustworthiness and perceived benefit In addition the study also takes product uncertainty as a moderator to examine the moderating effects among three characteristics and subjective perceptions of nanotechnology products 431 valid questionnaires are collected The research results from a hierarchical regression analysis indicated that innovation characteristics (Relative Advantage Lack of Observability and Novelty) consumer characteristics (Perceived Technology Application) and social characteristics (Authority Trust) all affect perceived trustworthiness or perceived benefit Social influence also has a direct effect on attitude toward nano-foods and trial willingness Product uncertainty significantly moderates the relationship between three characteristics and subjective perceptions According to the research results it is found that consumers pay more attention to the benefits of innovative food products Therefore when a new nano-foods is introduced the current study suggests that food manufacturer use the description on the package as a communicative tool Detailing the advantages of nano-foods on food packages might be a useful way to enhance trial willingness and to reduce fear and insecurities related to the use of nanotechnology In addition if food manufacturers could cooperate with units of authority (e g nanotechnology researchers) to disseminate correct information about nanotechnology and its related food products it might be a good way to increase both sales and profits
Date of Award2014 Jul 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsin-Hsin Chang (Supervisor)

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