Innovative Business Model to Transfer to Be a New Enterprise from Design Company Case Study: BLOX-HOUSE CO LTD

  • 田 乙君

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Taiwan creates more than one million start-ups every year and the proportion of participants in related entrepreneurship is relatively high However its survival rate is the lowest in the world which shows that the Taiwanese business climate goes against the survival of start-ups The globalization and the compression of product life cycle are two reasons of external environmental change; and as for the internal environment change it includes the product standardization and the brain drain in the design industry despite a large number of design graduates every year The aforementioned factors all deterred graduates from serving in design-related fields In short the design start-ups are now faced with harsher circumstances than the others The purpose of this paper is to apply the key concept of ‘transformation’ to devise feasible solutions for design firms by adopting the practical research approach in collaboration with BLOX-HOUSE Co Ltd to develop an innovative business model Our primary goal is to enhance its competitiveness and enhance its business for the design firms BLOX-HOUSE Co Ltd is a design firm lasting for more than ten years which already experienced two transformations; until now they are still in the middle of their third transformation trying to create a new business model By analyzing its successful transformation history and process as the research is based this paper aims at putting a new business model into practice
Date of Award2017 Aug 18
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing Turner (Supervisor)

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