Integrating Persuasive Design and Product Service System Design to the Improvement of the Health Education Service Quality of the Action Hospital in Taiwan

  • 吳 聯凡

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The health care services had been important to our communities as they help people respond to acute and chronic threats to their health However health care resources are scarce relative to needs and demands They had been also not evenly distributed In southern Taiwan action hospital was developed (by the government) to monitor the health status and identify and solve community health problems in the rural areas Most health care nurses in southern Taiwan utilized action hospital as a platform to deliver health education services and empower people about health issues The understood challenges for these nurses had been that most community residents were elders; some were lacking health awareness To enhance the effectiveness and quality of health education services this study performed observational studies on participants of 3 action hospitals The behavior model for Persuasive Design was used to identify potential service opportunities Focus Group was conducted with 37 health care nurse supervisors and 1 chief of health care section to finalize elements of product service system that could take into effects and be practically implemented Two design workshops were performed and semantics theory and persuasive design were used to develop the health education service plan and the touch points Results of the study suggested that to promote good health habits (attitude)/behavior health care nurses should: (1) enhance community residents’ awareness on lung oral and liver health through posters and Q&A sessions at the entrance/waiting area; (2) use guiding signs with pictures and graphics (for Illiterate participants); and (3) put bad consequences for ignoring lung oral and liver health on the guiding signs for the lung oral and liver health tests In this study we conducted a between-subject pre-post evaluation on the current and the proposed health education services at the same action hospital on two separate dates Results showed that our proposed health education service design successfully delivered health information to participants at the action hospital
Date of Award2015 Sep 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYu-Hsiu Hung (Supervisor)

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