Intention to Participate in a Crowdfunding Campaign: A Language Expectancy and Message Framing Perspective

  • 何 瑞克

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Crowdfunding is a way for entrepreneurs and young startups to gather the funds required to start their businesses This topic has been receiving more and more attention in the academic world but a lot of questions about success factors still remain One such lacking success factor is the use of language In the following research different linguistic theories are used in cooperation with each other: Language Expectancy Theory and Message Framing In combination with several other theories this was applied to analyze how linguistic characteristics influence people’s intention to participate in a crowdfunding campaign This study is an experimental research Affect intensity and lexical complexity were used as independent variables in combination with hedonic and utilitarian products Involvement was found not be a partial mediator for either utilitarian products or for hedonic products It was found that lexical complexity has a statistically significant effect on intention to participate for hedonic products
Date of Award2018 Feb 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTien Wang (Supervisor)

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