Investigating Different Types of Instagram Features on Attitude toward the Official Account and User Behaviors: An Experimental Study of University Student in Taiwan

  • 陳 志文

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Currently traditional consumers are moving to Internet platform the effect is even bigger due to the advancement of Internet technology (Web 2 0) and social media Social media is an open media wherein there is no compulsion from other to conform with public opinion however consumer itself that judge and make decision The purpose of this study focused on formation of consumer (user) attitude toward official account on Instagram social media platform through informational cues named as ‘number of followers’ ‘hashtag campaign’ ‘reposted activity’ and ‘location tagging’ which publicly observable to other party therefore an individual can learn and make a judgment and decision by observing other people actions The study was conducted online and respondent were university student Furthermore the experimental study of this study was conducted by using 2x2x2x2 full factorial design Findings show that the existence of multiple cues shows four informational information element features of official account influence consumer attitude Moreover consumer attitude is positively influence consumer intention then lead to consumer actual behavior in social media micro-blogging
Date of Award2016 Jan 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJeng-Chung Chen (Supervisor)

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