Investigating the Effects of the Key Factors of Virtual-Community-Based Collaborative Learning Practices on the Level of Appropriateness of Project Scope

  • 陳 怜君

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


According to recent studies many companies suffer from the project scope creep and cannot but to shoulder the burden because of members without the experiences Thanks to the development of information technology people can now utilize collaborative learning systems to enhance training in project management Thus the study investigates the critical factors in collaborative learning (CL) namely goal individual accountability and structuring interaction in the form of the case collaborative learning system (CCLS) to explore the influence on the appropriateness of the project scope precision completeness and representativeness Over 200 interviewees browsed the CCLS and replied to the questionnaire with 23 research items The research utilized 30 for the pre-test plus 152 valid responses through PLS-SEM It found that more specific the goal is more individual accountability people tend to demonstrate; the goal has a positive influence on the completeness and representativeness; besides enhancing the structuring interaction could be helpful for precision However individual accountability has no positive influence on representativeness Therefore the study recommends that if WBS (representativeness) links with KPI (individual accountability) management should consider the timing of the formulation and update KPI for the same business purpose Additionally the study also reports that people from different age groups have various views on CL; thus training and development strategies should adapt to each group The subjects under 30 years of age argued that structuring interaction could enhance the completeness instead of the representativeness On the contrary the people from the age group 31-35 years opined the opposite Collaborative learning is helpful for them in understanding the representativeness comprehensively
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Tsong Wang (Supervisor)

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