Investigation of phosphorescent material-doped polymer solar cell

  • 蔡 亦哲

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis we fabricated the polymer solar cells with doping different phosphorescent materials in active layer to enhance power conversion efficiency The phosphorescent materials (Ir(ppz)3 Ir(mppy)3 Ir(piq)2(acac)) was respectively doped into the bulk heterojunction layer of P3HT and ICBA blend to form more excitons in the triplet state Triplet-state excitons have longer lifetimes than singlet-state excitons Therefore more carriers were collected through the dissociation of excitons at the interface resulting in the significant improvement of JSC In order to optimize the device performance we investigate the doping concentration of phosphorescent material and thermal annealing parameter of active layer However doping phosphorescent material is a trade-off between extend the exciton lifetime and damage original morphology in PCE of polymer solar cell It is possible that decrease PCE of device when doping phosphorescent material So we investigate the different phosphorescent materials carrier transport characteristics surface morphology of active layer distribution in active layer and extended excitons lifetime The optimal performance was doping 0 1wt% Ir(ppz)3 in P3HT:ICBA which JSC is 12 4 mA/cm2 VOC is 0 85V FF is 66 7% and PCE is 7 08%
Date of Award2015 Jul 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Chou Hsu (Supervisor)

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