Iron-Copper Bimetallic Catalyst for Heterogeneous Photo Fenton-like Reaction Assisted by LED-Blue Solar Light Irradiation

  • 李 惠琳

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Among various kinds of AOPs Fenton’s process has been known to be effective in degrading organic compounds A heterogeneous photo Fenton-like system can be enhanced with the aids of light irradiation and bimetallic catalyst This study aims to examine the use of bimetallic catalyst from FBC product in heterogeneous Fenton process in degradation of Benzoic acid (BA) under LED-blue light irradiation In this study BA with initial TOC 12 mg/L were treated using heterogeneous photo-Fenton-like system Operating variables included the iron-copper ratio initial H2O2 concentration initial pH catalyst support and light irradiation The experimental results revealed that by using LED-blue light irradiation (6 75 mW/cm2) complete BA removal was achieved with 85 97% TOC removal after 180 min of reaction in the presence of Fe-Cu/SiO2 catalyst pHi= 3 2 mM H2O2 and [Fe]/[Cu] = 2/1 HO‧ was the dominate radical in the system Rates of BA degradation and mineralization followed a pseudo-first order kinetic model Plausible mechanism in the system was also proposed
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYao-Hui Huang (Supervisor)

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