Is It The Same from East to West vs West to East? : A Brand Hybridity Authenticity Study from Ingredient Design and Organization Culture Perspectives

  • 藍 家齊

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Brand authenticity has been an attractive topic for researcher especially in the marketing field this thesis aboard how companies are becoming hybrid through organizational level designing and ingredient aspects to be seen as different and through these hybridities be perceived as authentic brands The purpose of the study is to identify the influence of ingredient hybridity design hybridity organization culture hybridity in brand authenticity in four dimensions; continuity heritage integrity and creative authenticity and the influence of hybridity vector as a moderator Hybrid identity Stross’s Theory and Morhart and Spiggle measurement scale were applied This research defined the concepts of brand identity hybridity authenticity hybridity vector and the relationship between hybrid identity and authenticity The results concluded that design hybridity organization hybridity and ingredient hybridity are equally important in the dimensions of brand authenticity For integrity the interaction of hybridity vector and hybridity type results showed a negative influence in integrity authenticity when ingredient and design are hybrids Hybridity vector influence the perception of heritage in brand authenticity resulting when hybridity vector is negative heritage is also perceived as negative For creative dimension a positive direction has a higher influence in creativity compare with a high to low COO Hybridity direction
Date of Award2017 Aug 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJu-Faye Kao (Supervisor)

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