Isolation Measurement Method for On-Line Stability Analysis of DC Distribution Power System

  • 張 冀廣

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This thesis presents the isolation measurement method for the on-line stability analysis of DC distributed power system (DPS) Based on the bus terminal admittance slope of DPS the quality factor can be obtained from the stability analysis chart to analyze the system stability For the conventional measurement it is quite dangerous to probe to the DC bus The isolation measurement method is proposed to measure the signal-side admittance for safety consideration With the measured signal-side admittance and characterized insertion network impedances the bus terminal admittance can be calculated to analysis the system stability Besides based on the resolution of the meters in impedance analyzer the accuracy range can be obtained to determine the reliable region for the calculated bus terminal admittance from isolation measurement Finally in order to verify the reliable region of the isolation measurement method a 1Ω resistor is measured by the isolation measurements using impedance analyzer and gain/phase analyzer to plot the Bode diagrams respectively Additionally the isolation measurement method and conventional measurement method are applied to measure two different experimental DPSs respectively to plot their stability analysis charts to verify the feasibility of the isolation measurement for DPS
Date of Award2015 Aug 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRay-Lee Lin (Supervisor)

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