Line-Focused PVDF Transducer and Defocusing Method for Measuring Cylindrically Guided Waves and Acousto-Elastic/Plastic Effects

  • 林 峻毅

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Lens-less line-focused PVDF transducers and defocusing measurement method are applied to determine the dispersion curves of cylindrically guided waves including Rayleigh-like cylindrical surface waves propagating along the circumferential direction of solid cylinders and layer-coated cylinders as well as cylindrical Lamb waves on circular annuli Conventional V(f z) waveform processing method has been modified to cope with the non-linear relationship between the phase angle of wave interference and the defocusing distance A cross correlation method is proposed to accurately extract the cylindrically guided wave velocity from measured data Experiments have been carried out on: (1) stainless steel and glass cylinders (2) Ni-coated stainless steel cylinders and (3) cylindrically curved stainless steel sheets The experimentally obtained dispersion curves are in very good agreement with their theoretical counterparts Variation of cylindrically guided wave velocity due to the cylindrical curvature is quantitatively verified using this method Line-focused PVDF transducers and its V(f z) defocusing measurement system are also applied to determine the acoustoelastic and acoustoplastic effects of deformed polymethylmeth-acrylate (PMMA) samples as well as silicon steel samples with permanent deformation Different levels of strain or permanent deformation are formed in PMMA and silicon steel samples Large plastic deformation ranging from 5% to 30% is created in the silicon steel samples using uni-axial tensile loading The velocity changes of surface acoustic waves under different strain or plastic deformation are measured along various directions relative to the loading direction The acoustoelastic coefficients of PMMA are successfully determined from measurement results The acoustoplastic effects of PMMA and silicon steel samples are also measured and determined The investigation on the acoustoelastic and acoustoplastic effects demonstrates an effective way for estimating applied and/or residual stresses in solid materials nondestructively using the line-focused PVDF transducer and its measurement method
Date of Award2014 Jul 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYung-Chun Lee (Supervisor)

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