Lithic Technological Organization on Green Island (Lyudao): the Transition of Human Mobility in Prehistory

  • 趙 怡凱

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The purpose of lithic technological organization aims to explore how human behaviors behind lithic technology are performed and organized In this research approach mobility and raw material availability are significant factors conditioning it The geological characters and the nonlocal stone tools in particular metamorphic rocks transported from eastern coasts of Taiwan make Green Island (Lyudao) an appropriate case study to consider interplays between lithic technological organization and these two factors My research attempts to examine whether the residential mobility and lithic technological organization of the prehistoric people migrating from Taitung area on Green Island changed over time I wonder when did they fully settle down on Green Island and further explore the colonization processes from temporary stay to sedentarism Largely drawn from the notion of curation on lithic technology I use chi-square tests to examine two hypothetical models to explore the relations between variables and phases as well as the relations between variables and sources of raw materials My analysis suggests that the curation concept in terms of lithic technological organization on Green Island intensifies from middle to late Neolithic which indicates the residential mobility gradually decreases Alternatively the degree of sedentarism on Green Island increases accordingly although this transition seems less robust This tendency of transition might persist into Metal Age which further indicates certain degrees of sedentarism in the three phases However my research is limited by the sample size and a lack of fine-grained age control from excavated data as that I can only infer relative changes in the mobility and sedentarism
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYi-Chang Liu (Supervisor)

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