Low-complexity Viola-Jones Object Detector using Multi-bank On-chip Memories

  • 蕭 翔之

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Advances in the computer vision have enabled various smart applications in the con- sumer market Some products such as wireless sensor networks or smart toys may require a low-complexity visual object detection unit in which area and energy efficiency are of con- cerned This poses a challenge to the designers In this work a flexible yet area-efficient object detector based on Viola-Jones algorithm is presented as a base design To reduce the area while maintaining sufficient throughput on-chip memories (such as SRAM) are par- titioned into several banks However accesses to the same bank may conflict since the accessing port of each banks are limited Resolving conflicts is non-trivial due to the fact that the memory access pattern of the detection task depends on the result of machine learn- ing which is often unpredictable before training Therefore we propose an approach which explicitly schedules the access sequence as a post-processing performed after training the object model As a consequence memory access conflicts can be avoided An FPGA imple- mentation is used to verify the idea and is given at the end of this study The result shows that by using the proposed methodology the flip-flop utilization can be drastically reduced Moreover the overall area-efficiency is also improved
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing-Der Shieh (Supervisor)

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