Low frequency plasma wave simulation by gyrokinetic marker particles in low dimensional geometry

  • 陳 智民

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


New electrostatic and electromagnetic gyrokinetic particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation methods are developed for future application of kinetic electron dynamics and long-wave-length magnetohydrodynamic instability in a fully three dimensional tokamak geometry The PIC code is developed step by step First Landau damping of Langmuir wave is confirmed in “full- f” PIC Second by introducing the δf-method Eulerian valuables of Vlasov equation is changed to Lagragian variables in the weight equations plus the equation of motion the characteristics Third as one of the applications simulation of plasma echo of the Langmuir wave by the δf-PIC is demonstrated by imposing two temporal impulsive electric fields Forth benchmark computation of 1-D electrostatic drift-wave instability is performed Variation of real frequency (and growth rates) as a function of density gradient matches with the linear theory of the drift-wave dispersion relation Nonlinear saturation of the drift-wave due to Landau damping by kinetic electrons is demonstrated Fifth mirror force is given to simulate trapped electrons and ions Electrostatic potential also saturates but with larger amplitude Finally in the new formulation of electromagnetic gyrokinetics time derivative of Ampere’s law is incorporated to obtain inductive component in gyrokinetic equation (?A/?t) which originates from Faraday’s Law
Date of Award2015 Jul 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYasutaro Nishimura (Supervisor)

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