Managing Customer Relationship in the Independent Bookstore Business Network: A Case Study of the Small Small Bookshop in Taiwan

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Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Independent bookstores in Taiwan today are striving to provide a beautiful environment in the publishing industry Currently there are more than one hundred independent bookstores providing real experience space for knowledge sharing cultural exchanges and interpersonal interactions thereby creating a unique independent bookstore culture Many attach great importance to connections with people business partners and the community One scholar pointed out that“No independent bookstores should be independent” and that the spirit of partnership needs re-examination Based on the above this research project selected one representative independent bookstore in Taiwan—Small Small Bookshop as a case study subject and aimed to explore its connection with customers through examining its business network The objectives were: 1) to investigate value perceptions from the perspective of both the Small Small Bookshop and its customers; 2) to identify the business network of the Small Small Bookshop; and 3) to explore customer relationships based on the Small Small Bookshop’s business network This case study involved a two-month internship and mainly applied participatory observations and in-depth interviews to collect the primary data The results indicated that the business of the Small Small Bookshop which mainly includes products services and activities is based on the ideas of the founder herself By supporting and cooperating with various partners within and beyond the publishing industry as well as sharing resources with its partners Small Small Bookshop gradually strengthens the business idea through ten years’practices The core customers interviewed shared a common recognition and expectation towards this bookstore which further identifies and strengthens their own lifestyle and value The business practice experience of the Small Small Bookshop showed that the customer relationships of independent bookstores can mainly be developed maintained and enhanced by gaining the customers' recognition cultivating community relations creating long-term interactions and building emotional bonds
Date of Award2016 Aug 24
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)

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