Map Art Generation

  • 黃 介揚

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This paper presents a method to help users automatically generate artwork by combining an image and a road network This method not only embeds an image into a road network but also maintains the functionality of the map In artists’ practice they may cut out regions of maps to create a collage or use paper maps as a canvas to create a masterpiece These methods use maps as a material to form different artworks but the maps lose their functionality Most previous work makes an effort to find the characteristics of a road network but does not consider artistry Therefore this paper presents a method that can generate map art and also maintain road network topology The basic idea is to combine a road network and an image by first finding a matching between roads and image contours and then deform the roads so that they fit the shape of the matching contours Using this method the final result shows the embedded image in the map and maintains both the functionality and artistry of the map We make a wide range of comparisons to show the necessity of this method and also confirm that our method can effectively produce map arts
Date of Award2016 Jan 30
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTong-Yee Lee (Supervisor)

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