Maze Dungeon: The Design and the Discussion of the Course that Combines Competitive Reality Games and Embedded Programming

  • 李 昆憶

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


As the fever of maker movement sweeps around Taiwan more and more people start to learn embedded programming When learning embedded programming one not only needs to learn programming but also needs to learn the principle of the operation of the hardware and the basic electronics These concepts can be learned through a lot of hands-on practice We designed a maze car-themed introductory course - Maze Dungeon combining the competitive reality games to lead students to the world of embedded programming After the introduction of the fundamental knowledge in the class students are allowed to freely explore design implement and test their own maze cars to achieve the goal of the competitions The assessments of the course are in the form of competition There are three phases of competition - midterm match points race and final match The goal of each competition is related to the goal of the previous one which leads students to gradually complete maze cars The midterm match is in the form of the individual match and the competitors are the teaching assistants Both the points race and final match are in the form of team match and the competitors are the other students in the class Each competition has corresponding mazes and in the final match students can design mazes to be used in the competition By the end of the course a questionnaire is used to survey students' opinions and experiences The result shows that (a) the theme of this course is interesting (b) students can learn the relative knowledge of the embedded programming in this course and (c) this course can facilitate active learning and self-challenge Some students even give us suggestions and hope this course can be opened again in the future
Date of Award2017 Aug 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Yu Su (Supervisor)

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