Media Form Design for Picture Book Based on Attractiveness Factors and Children’s Attention

  • 魏 君純

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The reading development of children depends on various sensory stimuli to help them construct reading contexts and facilitate active learning and exploration This study uses sensory stimuli provided by picture books using various forms of media to improve children's attention performance We employ picture books using four forms of media: conventional books pop-up books talking books and e-books Miryoku Engineering is adopted to explore how children and parents select picture books and the influential attractiveness factors and the NeuroSky MindBand is used as a tool to measure attention in this study According to attractiveness evaluations six major attractiveness factors identified by Evaluation Grid Method are “Simple and Comprehensible Layout Design” “Thin and Lightweight Dimensions” and “The Sense of Ownership” for conventional book “Various Page Displays” for pop-up book and “Multifunctional Reading Methods” and “Vivid Story Plots” for talking book and e-book The evaluation result shows that parents focus on the learning efficacy and functionality of picture books while children enjoy reading with colorful pictures and diverse styles between pages Moreover the reading experience has a significant influence on children’s sensory preferences regarding the attractiveness factors of picture books In attention EEG experiment children in Grade 3 express higher attention and interest than children in Grade 6 in picture books and the effect of gender is greater than that of grade on the level of attention invest in picture book media form exhibits a significant interaction and effects on children's attention performance As a result we suggest that talking books or e-books which provide multisensory stimuli should be selected for elementary school boys In addition talking books should be selected for girls in young elementary school students while conventional books should be used for girls in senior elementary school students to avoid distraction caused by excessive media stimuli The result of this paper can be used as important references for children parents and teachers to select appropriate picture books
Date of Award2015 Sep 23
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)

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