Mine the Toxicology database to study potential hazard food-related chemicals in Taiwan

  • 翁 婉甄

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


There are many toxicology databases in the world such as in vitro toxicology database(ToxCast) and in vivo toxicology database(ToxRefDB) Due to international trade food products from different countries may be imported into Taiwan and cause food safety incidents Therefore the purpose of this study will list food-related chemicals in Taiwan regulations and compare the differences in chemicals used in foods internationally Meanwhile this study also aims to analyze toxicity test data and to predict the potential chemicals that may cause hazards to Taiwan's food safety Food-relevant chemicals of Taiwan-only and the food-relevant chemicals of US and EU were clustered by Self-Organizing Map individually Choose cytotoxicity and mean proportion bioactive of chemicals as the potential hazard chemicals There are 22 pesticides in Taiwan regulations which used in fungicides and insecticides of different vegetables and veterinary medicine They cause an impact on Cytochrome P450 at lower concentrations and show adverse effects on the liver There are 151 potential hazard chemicals included in International regulations 4 chemicals show cancer-related adverse effects on the uterus liver skin and ovary Triphenyltin hydroxide is a pesticide and can be applied for potatoes beets and pecans; 4-(2-methylbutan-2- yl) phenol and o-Cresol are used in polymer coatings and phenolic resins in molded products; Benzene is used as a food additive modified hop extract and food packaging adhesives The potential hazard for these chemicals can be regarded as prior concern by the Taiwan government when international trade is common worldwide Key word: ToxCast ToxRefDB food-related chemicals data mining
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiu-Ling Chen (Supervisor)

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