Mixing aerogels into PVB films used for laminated glazing

  • 戴 遐妤

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This research focus on adding aerogel into PVB and make PVB films also assemble PVB film with glazing into laminated glazing With observation and characterization of PVB film and laminated glass We recognize the advantages and disadvantages of different process which give us idea of improving In addition the research also involved in improving the preparation of aerogels In this research the result shows that now the PVB film which aerogel added haven’t manage to have good insulation property meanwhile keep the optic transmittance In process1 process2 process4 the PVB film didn’t improve in insulation property In process 3 and process 5 the insulation property improves due to thermal conductivity declined however the films from these processes came across the missing of light transmittance For laminated glazing we adopted the films made in process 5 and in two different recipes The result shows that the laminated glass with PVB films containing aerogel had lower thermal conductivity compared to those with pure PVB films UV transmittance and shading coefficient(SC) all declined but visible light transmittance declined too Although there are some improvement in laminated glass when aerogel added we still have to improve to in order to meet the standard of green building material
Date of Award2015 Sep 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTa-Hui Lin (Supervisor)

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