Modeling and Analysis of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Non-Uniformly-Distributed Energy Harvesting Small Cells

  • 游 婷怡

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In order to meet the explosive growth of data traffic without contributing to excessive energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission in this work we consider a heterogeneous cellular network (HCN) composed of conventional macro cells and energy harvesting (EH) small cells It is assumed that each small-cell base station (SBS) is able to store the energy harvested from the environment in the battery and provide services when there is sufficient energy to perform downlink transmissions To capture the randomness of BS locations instead of modeling the locations of macro cell BSs (MBSs) and SBSs as two mutually independent PPPs that may result in impractically small distances between the BSs of different tiers we use a non-uniform small cell deployment in which the SBSs are not deployed in the locations within a predetermined distance away from any MBS Besides we consider a load aware model and take the user's throughput requirement into consideration which is more reasonable for a lightly loaded network The network outage probability is derived by modeling the battery dynamics of an arbitrary SBS as a discrete-time Markov chain We provide the simulation results to verify the analysis accuracy and demonstrate the impact of a few key system parameters on the outage probability
Date of Award2016 Aug 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKuang-Hao Liu (Supervisor)

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