Modeling Scooter Parking Behavior in Dong-Ning High Street in Tainan

  • 陳 永奕

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Arcades are a common feature of many buildings in Taiwan Traditional arcades located on the ground floor of townhouses are often used as shops sidewalks or parking spaces Misuses of arcades and shoulders such as illegal parking and unauthorized shops have been causing transport and business issues Policies implemented on arcades and shoulders forge a compromise between shopkeepers consumers and pedestrians A plausible scenario based on the policies was built in this study Under this scenario Owners of the arcades can benefit from their properties consumers visiting by scooters can gain their access to a parking place and pedestrians passing through the arcades can move without barriers Futhermore the arcades can be affectively regulated However a feasibility study into the scenario is required Focusing on scooters parking behavior this study built parking place choice models and evaluated the acceptance of paid parking place for scooters in arcades Stated preference surveys and logit modelling techniques were used to analyze how consumers who visit shops in Dong-Ning Road by scooters choose their parking places The results show that for a 10-minute shopping time for searching the parking place parking fee frequency of patrol acceptable walking distance age job and the place where the consumer lives can have impacts on the choice of parking place For a 30-minute shopping distance between the parking place and shop discount on parking fee parking fee frequency of visiting and job can have the impacts For a 60-minute shopping discount on parking fee parking fee acceptable walking distance and the experience of being fined for illegal parking can have the impacts It is suggested that providing paid parking place for scooters in arcades and increasing the frequency of patrol the demand of arcade parking place would remain almost unchanged Moreover the demand of illegal parking would shift to on-road and off-road parking place
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTzu-Chang Lee (Supervisor)

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