New App features of flash events on campus

  • 黃 冠睿

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Due to the global falsification of pop-up activities and the popularity of social software the author found that many successful pop-up activities are carried out in conjunction with social software and the pop-up activities have a strong publicity effect Therefore this study explores how social software can assist flash-mob The related literature of the event and the research hypothesis was formulated by investigating the behavior needs of participants participating in the flash event and the robe The purpose of this research is to develop a new function of the flash mobile application (APP) which can solve the problem of participating in the flash event Time can’t replace the behavioral needs of filming nostalgia and effectively increase the users of social software In order to design new functions of flash APP first of all for flash activities social software and the depth of user behavior The research team used LINE @ to establish an official flash category and held six campus flash activities A total of 60 valid questionnaires and two were collected Group interviews analysis of virtual points from many functions broadcast function announcement board message message and photo sharing five common core functions the author classifies these functions into five common core functions and LINE @ Facebook The five popular social softwares of Instagram Twitter and Skype were compared with each other Finally photo sharing was selected as the new feature of the campus flash app Because this research was verified as an expert interview the new feature was introduced in the form of a six-grid context map The verification is divided into two parts: interviews with experts and student subjects and checks the feasibility futureness novelty and market acceptance of the new features Whether there will be companies or schools actually developing campus flash apps in the future The actual use of the new functions developed in this research to assist flash activities combined with related new business models to enhance this function and help enterprises or schools
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)

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