NFC 信託服務管理平台之發展模式研究

Translated title of the thesis: A Study of Developing Models of Trusted Service Management Platform for NFC services
  • 林 煒哲

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Business models derived from mobile handsets combining NFC technology have become widely discussed. In the past it is difficult to form an all win business model because of the variety of actors in NFC ecosystem; however, this situation is changing. Among all the actors, being a facilitator to accelerate the development of NFC ecosystem, issues of TSM received more attention in recent years. This study proposes five developing mode of TSM according to the current international NFC industry environment and analyzes the development framework of TSM with the case of Taiwan by analytical network process. Further this study discusses about the different influences brought from different modes on NFC ecosystem. The ANP research framework of developing TSM is constructed by 4 main criteria and 12 sub-criteria through literature review and five development mode of TSM proposed by author are set as the alternatives. The results not only include the ranks of 4 main criteria and 12 sub-criteria but also reveal experts expect “Cooperation mode” to be the best alternative to develop TSM in Taiwan. The explanations for the ranks are discussed with the current NFC environment in Taiwan. In addition, the research framework of developing TSM in this study is also expected to be applied to different countries. In conclusion, this study provides academic and managerial implications of the result showing why “Cooperation mode” would be the best alternative to develop TSM in Taiwan.
Date of Award2012
Original languageChinese
SupervisorKevin-P Hwang (Supervisor) & Wei-Hsun Lee (Supervisor)

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