Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of RC Bridge Structures Strengthened by Composite Materials under the Soil-Pile Interaction

  • 黃 崇銘

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This paper analyzes the bridge-column system through the concrete nonlinear model the steel linear model the composite nonlinear failure model as well as the soil elements combined by the finite-domain and infinite-domain Specifically the composite reinforcing pure bridge-column system and the bridge-column system under pile-soil interaction are mainly divided into three parts namely the damage analysis and prediction of the materials the optimization of the pure bridge-column system and the reinforcement effect of the bridge-column system under the pile-soil interaction In the concrete nonlinear model CDP is used to simulate the motion mode of the concrete under cyclic loading and dynamic loading Damage parameters are used to simulate concrete crack behavior The pre-destruction nonlinear analysis assumes that the composite materials are elastic and plastic in both axial and lateral directions The non-constant shear parameters are used to define the nonlinear behavior of the shear force The Tsai-Wu damage criterion is used for simulation at the time of destruction As for the soil elements the infinite domain elements with an energy dissipation boundary are used to simulate real soil boundary conditions The results show that the optimal condition is obtained by using the relationship between force and displacement The optimal material parameters are used to simulate the movement of the bridge-column system under the pile-soil interaction The relationship between depth and displacement shows the difference under different pile numbers Furthermore using the eliminated-system displacement and the absolute displacement duration of the corner bridge to get the maximum lateral thrust and compare it with the falling force of the pure bridge-column system to see if it is reasonable
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsuan-Teh Hu (Supervisor)

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