On Judging Descriptive Words of Academic Performance by Junior High School Teachers and Students

  • 沈 黛家

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of role and gender on judging descriptive words of academic performance (AP) by junior high school teachers and eighth-grade students The research involves two stages comprises of a set of questionnaire items concerning 9 descriptive words of academic performance (i e excellent great very good good ok cheer not good lag and too bad) teachers commonly used for stage 1 in the study and a set of questionnaire concerning judging descriptive words of academic performance by teachers and students for stage 2 Thirty two teachers in the stage 1 gave 221 words and 267 teachers and students participate in the stage 2 of study Results show that female teachers male teacher female students and male students had a common understanding of descriptive words of AP However teachers set a wider range of score on very good ok cheer not good and lag than students do Due to teachers’ wider range there are overlaps among many descriptive words of AP of teachers In other words teachers would give many descriptive words with different meanings to students even though they are with the same level of AP Therefore students would possibly have an interpretation which was different from teachers’ original meanings The present findings may be of importance in providing teachers with a better understanding of what teacher’s as a feedback giver and a student’s as a feedback receiver interpret descriptive words of AP and helping teachers to give a more suitable feedback
Date of Award2014 Aug 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChing-Fan Sheu (Supervisor)

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