On Relay Selection Schemes and Cross-Layer Analysis for Device-to-Device Communications in LTE-A Systems

  • 張 耀仁

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Device-to-device (D2D) communications have been proposed as an effective way for traffic offloading in futuristic cellular systems However using only D2D communication which establishes a direct link between a source and destination limits advantages brought in by D2D communications due to a long separation distance or poor link quality between the source and destination user equipments (UEs) In this thesis relay-assisted D2D communication is proposed as a supplement to direct D2D communications for enhancing traffic offloading capacity of LTE-A systems We aim to design a relay UE selection strategy for relay-assisted D2D communications which can improve the performance of relay-assisted D2D communications significantly We also propose a cross-layer relay selection scheme that considers the criteria jointly relay UE (RUE) remaining battery time and end-to-end transmission delay on relay-assisted D2D path We establish an end-to-end delay estimation model based on queuing theory combining adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) for relay-assisted D2D Simulation results validate the overall performance of the proposed relay selection scheme within RUE remaining battery and end-to-end transmission delay
Date of Award2016 Aug 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Hwa Chen (Supervisor)

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