On the Design of New Transmission Systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • 吳 友績

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has been developed rapidly over two decades It is a promising solution for cutting down emission and reducing pollution beside electric vehicles This dissertation proposes a systematic design approach based on the extension of Yan’s creative mechanism design methodology to systematically synthesize all feasible configurations of hybrid transmissions for HEVs The two types of hybrid systems employed in passenger vehicles series-parallel and parallel are analyzed and studied The mechanisms used in most hybrid transmissions are simple planetary gear trains (PGTs) and compound PGTs The feasible PGTs for hybrid transmissions are systematically synthesized by using the creative design methodology Then they are used for synthesizing clutchless and clutched hybrid transmissions by using the techniques of power arrangement and clutch arrangement By applying the proposed design approach one simple PGT and 32 compound PGTs that consist of two simple PGTs are systematically synthesized for hybrid transmissions For hybrid systems with a simple PGT 6 clutchless series-parallel and 3 clutchless parallel hybrid transmissions are obtained And 22 clutched series-parallel and 9 clutched parallel hybrid transmissions are synthesized corresponding to the obtained clutchless systems For hybrid systems with 32 compound PGTs 55 and 69 clutchless and clutched series-parallel hybrid transmissions are synthesized respectively In addition only 12 feasible compound PGTs can be employed for parallel hybrid transmission synthesis And 4 potential PGTs are selected to synthesize corresponding 27 cluthless and 37 clutched parallel hybrid transmissions To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach and synthesized systems 4 new hybrid transmissions are taken arbitrarily as numerical examples to illustrate the working principle with operation modes along with kinematic and power flow analyses
Date of Award2015 Dec 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHong-Sen Yan (Supervisor)

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