Online Consumers’ Purchasing Intention on Second-hand Products: An Eye-Tracking Approach

  • 周 美婷

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Since the emergence of issues related to environmental protection the energy crisis and ecological balance governments have strengthened the implementation of environmental policies and consumer attitudes toward these concerns have gradually changed Due to the convenience of online auction platforms that reduce the constraints of time and space more and more consumers are purchasing second-hand products (SHPs) on auction platforms Most prior studies exploring topics related to online auctions have focused only on new products rather than on SHPs It is still not clear how consumer decision making differs with regard to purchasing SHPs Therefore this study carefully and precisely examines how such differences can occur in online auctions pf SHPs by using an Eye-Tracking technique that can measure different degrees of visual attention to SHPs To further verify individual consumers’ different purchasing intentions toward SHPs this study also adopts a purchasing-intention survey during the experiment along with a personality-trait survey and interviews after the experiment The results show that different features and different levels of brand awareness have significant effects on visual attention Brand new SHPs and famous SHP brands are found to get the most attention Meanwhile the results indicate strong significant and positive relations between visual attention and purchasing intention and demonstrate that eye movements are capable of predicting purchasing intention However the results indicate that there are big differences in purchasing decisions related to SPHs between different personality traits according to each personality trait examined Finally through post-experiment interviews this study points out the reasons why consumers buy SHPs
Date of Award2014 Aug 16
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPei-Hsuan Hsieh (Supervisor)

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