Open innovation practice in Med-tech Innovation process: Case of MedTech SMEs industry in developing country

  • 張 智鑫

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Open innovation (OI) is a phenomenon of novel innovation management strategy in the recent century several implications in the diversity of industry were investigated around focusing with the technology-driven industry Medical device industry was considered as one of the most beneficial from the model of OI implication support from the characteristic of the industry itself Yet the term had been majority study in case of a developed country and Large-scale firm the question is left for the practice of OI in the developing country where are more seeking for the improvement opportunity for the firm performance in the medical innovation development process The study subject to identify the suitable OI implication strategy for the firm base on the sub-crucial process of the medical device innovation process model trough the literature review and interview with critical stakeholder individual to construct the frame process model for identifying the suitable implement method and independence between each process Using the content analysis material for construction of medical device innovation model the validation for the suitable purpose strategy had been done used the absorptive capability and internal resource limitation analysis (AIA) to the subprocess as can be separated into four-quadrant combining with the DEMATAL method to purpose the overall strategy for each and overall dimension of medical device innovation process The outcome display that for the subject industry the implementation of the OI is more suitable to the conduct in the early market stage more than the marketing relates one while in detail in each innovation phase the suitable implementation order is scattered The chain implementation for OI method had been introducing from the result of the optimal pathway Thus we discover that only in the case of the regulatory approval process are not suitable for the chain implementation of OI but more suitable in case of independent apply for each subprocess Furthermore due to the impact chain of the innovation process this study indicates that in case of the process were not suitable for the OI implementation yet still can benefit the improvement of the operation by conduct the OI implement in the early relate process
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPeng-Ting Chen (Supervisor)

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