Optimizing Performance in Web-Based Multiplayer Game through WebSocket Compression

  • 葉 祐誠

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Due to the rapid development of the web technologies the web applications become more and more popular The web game evolves from simple structure to multiplayer 3D game As the web game becomes more and more complicated the transmission data increases extremely The web game will have significant latency if the network bandwidth is insufficient or lack of hardware resource on client side This brings bad user experience The payload of transmission can be reduced by compressing the data and lower the transmission time The game performance promotes along with the reduction of the latency Therefore a compression decision method is proposed in this thesis The compression decision is made according to the capability of the endpoints the network bandwidth and data type The optimal compression parameters are calculated by this method Furthermore a Web-based multiplayer game using WebSocket protocol and compression extension of Deflate algorithm is built in this thesis The compression decision method is applied on this application to analyze the performance The research results show that no matter high or low the network bandwidth is the method proposed by this thesis can reduce the overall system time and lower the latency of the game
Date of Award2015 Jul 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYueh-Min Huang (Supervisor)

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