Packaging Development of Thermoelectric Energy Generator with High Area Density of Thermocouples

  • 許 堯盛

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This work describes a thermoelectric energy generator (TEG) which generates electrical power by temperature difference This thesis aims at designing and fabricating a TEG with high output voltage and adaptable packaging The 1 2 mm×1 2 mm TEG chip is by TSMC SiGe 0 18 μm BiCMOS process The simulation results show that the TEG with 33 μm×2 μm etching window size has the highest voltage factor at 30 02 V/cm2K By using the packaging of aluminum tape the output voltage of the TEG of 3 μm etching window width 76 29 mV at 17 K temperature difference and the voltage factor is 18 22 V/cm2K which is 72 1 % of the TEG without packaging This is due to about 28 % temperature difference loss at the packaging and that is less than the previous works According to the simulation result and experiment result the output voltage of TEG chip is 2 3 V without package and the output voltage of TEG chip will be 1 7 V with package at 20 K temperature difference
Date of Award2018 Aug 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Ming Yang (Supervisor)

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