Pan Yuliang's Research of Character Painting on Chinese Color Painting: in The Second Residence of The French Period (1937-1977)

  • 陳 婉寧

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This thesis mainly focuses on the artistic creation of the first generation of female foreign artists in China Pan Yuliang and the second time in France (1937-1977) Pan Yuliang went to France to study paintings in 1921 During his tenure (1928-1937) he taught at Shanghai Fine Arts College Shanghai Xinhua Art College and Nanjing Central University Art Department In 1937 the painter decided to leave the motherland again and start the second period of travel in France This 40-year travel in France has created the peak period of Pan Yuliang's artistic creation and has been invited to participate in representative French salon exhibitions It is a pity that Pan Yuliang's brilliant artistic achievements were not paid special attention by Chinese academic circles Until a large number of works were returned from France in 1987 Pan Yuliang was re-received by the Chinese art circle Later related biographies and film works were released Through the dramatic rendering of its legendary life the world has attracted her attention to her special life experience Domestic research on Pan Yuliang's literature and literature is rarer than China's especially Pan Yuliang's strong Chinese Color Paintings which have not received special attention for a long time This thesis will focus on the fusion of Chinese and Western colors in Pan Yuliang's paintings and create a total of 336 works of color inks in the second trip Most of them are female-themed but this study does not analyze this theme in depth The Chinese Color Paintings of the two albums of Pan Yuliang's Complete Works and Pan Yuliang's Paintings are sorted out including 42 figure paintings 40 flower still lifes 12 animals and 2 landscapes A total of 96 styles are combed This paper analyzes the changes in the style of Chinese Color Paintings creation between Pan Yuliang and the 40 years after her return to France She explores the personal color of Chinese female painters under the integration of Chinese and Western and sums up the artistic phenomenon created by the French social environment at that time
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYi-Fang Wu (Supervisor)

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