Parental Influences on the Travel Behaviour of Young Adults: A Paired-Comparison Study

  • 曾 裕凱

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study is aimed at determining the factors affecting travel socialisation by focusing on parental influences It is believed that young people learn their attitudes towards transport mode choices through agents of socialisation in the same way that they learn other aspects of culture In this process parents play the most decisive role as these agents Based on this understanding how parents affect personal travel mode choices might be the key solution to reducing motorised vehicle ownership and moving towards green transport A paired-comparison study is adopted in this research Perspectives on the parental influences on mode use and the actual mode choices of both parents and children are investigated Also the affecting factors other than parental influences are analysed and conclusions are drawn The results show the specific characteristics that would tend to make young adults aware of their parents’ impact on their travel behaviour such as when they feel parental impact on their travel behaviour or have parents who exert influence on their travel behaviour In addition some young adults were found to be inclined toward using the same mode of travel used by their parents Based on the findings policies intended to change the mode uses of young adults are suggested
Date of Award2015 Aug 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTzu-Chang Lee (Supervisor)

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