Patio: A Study of Macau Chinese Living Space

  • 郭 立怡

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Before the 21st century Macau is a colonial city an immigrant city As for Chinese Macau is a Portuguese city inside China’s territory which means it is a foreign city for them Because of the commercial opportunity which brings by the Portuguese people in China started moving to Macau The Macau-Chinese has developed a unique spatial form call “patio ” It serves as a spatial instrument that let Macau-Chinese lived in Macau and communicated whit Macau’s urban environment ‘Patio’ can be referred to as a spatial form also can be referred to as a living model It contains Macau-Chinese’s career and daily life This research is based on Lefebvre’s conceptual triad of production of space and with the help of GIS tools It organizes the roles and relationship between Portuguese Chinese authority and Macau-Chinese and represents the urban development of Macau from the 16th to 20th century to illustrate the living condition and mentality of Macau-Chinese Then explain the spatial characteristic and social roles of “patio ” as well as the spatial relation between ‘patio’ and Macau’s urban development As a result this research provides several possible sceneries of Macau-Chinese’s urban life and a platform of farther imagination Moreover it also demonstrates the mechanism of social-spatial interaction inside the Macau urban development process
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPing-Sheng Wu (Supervisor)

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