Physical Properties of Construction Materials Made from Organo-Modified and Alkali–Activated Granite Sludge

  • 吳 思穎

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Stone tailoring industry is one of the most important traditional export industries of Taiwan Undoubtedly the disposal and reutilization of stone industry wastes becomes an important and urgent issue In the study the primary stone sludge in Taiwan namely granite sludge is employed as a raw material in the production of novel construction materials That is the granite sludge powders can be alkali-activated or organo-modified to produce a construction material Consequently circular economy can be achieved due to the reuse and utilization of granite sludge The physical properties of alkali-activated granite sludge specimens with different proportions at various ages were compared The experimental results show that the 28-day compressive strength of alkali-activated granite sludge specimens can reach up to 61 41MPa and the occurrence of surface cracking can be suppressed if the dosage of slag is 25% and they are demolded after six days of curing Because of the low water absorption of granite the resulting organo-modified granite sludge powders provide excellent waterproofing performance The relevant test results on organo-modified granite sludge powders however exceed the standard range and are even worse as compared to other organo-modified powders due to the difficulty in mixing them with water Finally it is empirically found that alkali-activated granite sludge possesses high compressive strength and organo-modified granite sludge provides good water repellency Hence these novel construction materials made from stone industry waste are competitive and promising when both circular economy and cost are of concern
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJong-Shin Huang (Supervisor)

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