Pillow Design and Evaluation of Shoulder and Neck Surface Pressure to Sleep Quality

  • 李 宗曜

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the advance of technology sleep-related design has received increasing attention Compression on the body during sleep is one of the factors that influence sleep quality The previous studies showed that compression on the neck and shoulder during sleep or improper sleeping postures will cause neck and shoulder pain and influence sleep quality Improper cervical vertebral posture during sleep and compression on the shoulder caused by sleeping on the side will produce pain in the affected side while long-time compression will influence the sleep quality of middle-aged and elderly people and even aggravate the shoulder pain in serious cases Therefore there are up to 80% of people suffering from neck and shoulder pain and tightness indicating the correlation between neck/shoulder pains and sleeping postures The study aimed to investigate the interactive relationship between surface pressure on the head neck and shoulder and change in sleeping postures and pillows and relieve the pressure on the head neck and shoulder to improve sleep quality The study established the design criteria for muscle stretching range of major muscles at the shoulder and neck and cervical vertebral and spinal movement according to the change of shoulder and neck postures and surface compression degree during sleep by means of mechanics and muscle anatomy The focus group method was adopted to develop the design conceptual proposal based on the design criteria different pressure-relief models were experimented to scatter the compression contact area and improve the ventilation problem during the compression and physical pillow models were subsequently manufactured for experimental evaluation Finally the structural pressure-relief form foam design was used in the experiment During the experiment the structural form design can scatter the compression area even out the pressure within the pressured area and support the neck to improve sleep quality It can also relieve the pressure on the brain promote the mechanism of increasing the frequency of turning and facilitate the compression on other parts In the future structural form design can extend to parametric design for customization The experimental results led to the conclusion that structural form pillow design can relieve the compression and improve sleep quality The pillows of different structural forms can relieve the pressure degree on the neck and shoulder reduce the overall pressure on these parts and help to improve sleep quality The innovative pillow design proposed by this study will help to relieve surface pressure on the shoulder and neck support the cervical vertebrae and improve sleep quality
Date of Award2017 Sep 4
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFong-Gong Wu (Supervisor)

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