Playful Coding: Towards a Service of Children’s Programming Education

  • 林 庭安

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The Learn-to-Code movement is important in the information age But learning programming is difficult for kids By observing the interactions of instructors and young learners in the “Program the World Association” this research study how to use game-based strategy to teach kids to learn programming Using the method of action research the research investigated children’s need of learning and the requirements of designing courses The first three action cycles took place in Ganglin Presbyterian Church in Zuozhen Tainan We observed it is difficult for tutors to attend to all children in a class According to children’s learning efficiency tutors could give them different challenging tasks to practice It can help tutors keep their teaching pace in the class We experienced in grouping children in different types of learning teams and promote them to learn from others It could avoid children only mimicking the code which is provided by tutors We encouraged tutors should make children have own target according to their learning efficiency We couducted last two action cycles to investigate more needs of a programming course from tutor training We learned it is necessary to let the new tutors understand what the new concepts are for children and how to deliver them clearly to children with the teaching materials The tutor training course should enhance the tutor’s confidence By grouping the teaching group of three types of tutors we could make tutor enhance each other knowledge and generate the usable teaching strategies in a group discussion Through five cycles of action we summarized practice of “Program the World Association” into the Playful Coding service We also identified six personas scenarios and user journeys to present the service The main contributions of this research include: (1) to explore game-based strategies to enhance children’s learning (2) to recruit new talents to deliver the programming knowledge through tutor training and (3) to formulate the service Playful Coding to support tutor’s teaching and children’s learning in friendly environments
Date of Award2017 Feb 18
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Fen Chien (Supervisor)

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